What We do

Cloudvisor provides an automatic cloud cost optimization platform and true real time visibility into your cloud bill.


Our AI-driven solution automates cost optimization best practices including full lifecycle management of purchasing options like reserved instances and savings plans, EBS auto-scaling, Hygiene maintenance and Policy based schedule runs.


You can think of cloudvisor in terms of having a 24/7 FinOps expert that is able to see your cloud usage in real time, make on the fly usage predictions, react with the optimal mix of purchasing options achieving maximum coverage of infrastructure with savings without ever over provisioning, without ever leaving machines unused or idle, without exceeding budget whilst constantly looking for a higher discount in the secondary RI marketplace.


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Contact Information

For questions or more information you can always reach out to us at info@cloudvisor.io

Our Offices

20 Tuval Street,
1th Floor,
Ramat Gan, Israel

Core Values

Customer Centric

No matter the task at hand the team at Cloudvisor always puts the client first. We’re proud to build lasting relationships with our customers while actively listening to their feedback.

Automation First

We strive for advanced automation. Leading organizations trust Cloudvisor's technology to automate cloud management tasks.

Always Innovating

Cloud technologies are advancing at a phenomenal pace. We stay at the forefront of these changes and embrace them, so your environment always has the upper hand.

Real Cloud Pros

Our team has managed cloud operations for over a decade. We’re quick and we know our stuff – let us work for you!