Save Over 45% on
Infrastructure Costs

Cloudvisor automatically scans the Reserved Instance Marketplace, selecting the most lucrative discounts to achieve the highest possible savings while taking into consideration the family type, region, and operating system.

Maximize Infrastructure Covered

With Savings


Using machine learning and real-time data, Cloudvisor identifies the baseline steady-state usage. Cloudvisor then continuously analyzes your infrastructure, usage, and change patterns and reacts to increase and decrease in the steady-state usage.

By predicting usage, reacting automatically and in real time Cloudvisor covers over 95% of your infrastructure with savings on a continuous basis.

Avoid Waste With 100% Utilization

of Commitments 


Upon usage decrease, Cloudvisor will automatically sell your commitments (both Reserved Instances and Savings Plans).
Cloudvisor provides a "Buy-Back Guarantee" for unutilized commitments to ensure 100% utilization, so you never have to worry about wasting money by over-provisioning or missing out on discounts to avoid long term commitments.

Eliminate Engineering Effort


Reserved Instances and Savings Plans are purely financial discounts. With Cloudvisor, engineers don’t have to change anything about the compute specifications or applications they use today. We take care of the entire lifecycle including purchasing and accurately selling the commitments if needed.

"Manual RI calculation is WACK"
Nadav S, Corporate IT Team Lead,
Mid Market (501-1000 employees)


Automate - Don't Overpay

Purchasing reserved instances on the Marketplace can provide meaningful discounts - that is, if you're actually able to make a purchase. Cloudvisor’s platform constantly scans the marketplace and buys the best discounts within a split second of being posted.

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