Mastering AWS Cost Optimization: Real-world technical and operational cost-saving best practices

by Alexey Baikov | July 2, 2019
Mastering AWS Cost Optimization

This book is intended to support you in overcoming what is currently considered one of the top challenges that organizations face in their transition journey towards public cloud: the challenge of cost control and optimization. This applies whether you are part of a technologically-savvy “born-to-the-cloud” team, or whether you are part of an enterprise organization taking its first steps towards public cloud adoption. Reading this book will give you a better understanding of both the technical and operational aspects of the process. This ensures that you will succeed in taking advantage of advanced technology for building innovative, next-generation products, while doing so in an optimized and cost-effective manner. This book contains many proven technical, operational, and applications-related best practices. All are real-world best practices that were implemented in the efforts of controlling and reducing the costs of our own cloud infrastructure as well as that of our customers.

What you will learn?

The Amazon Compute (EC2, Lambda, Container Services), Storage (S3, Glacier, EBS, and EFS), and Networking services pricing models • Best practices for architecting and operating your cloud environments for cost optimization and efficiency • How to build applications that are lightweight from the perspective of resource requirements • How to leverage AWS operational services (Service Catalog, Config, Budgets, Landing Zone, Tagging, CloudWatch, and others) for ensuring continuous governance and on-going cost efficiency

The KAO™ Methodology

We have developed the KAO™ (Knowledge, Architecture, and Operation) methodology to provide a structured approach towards optimizing the costs of any cloud service you will consume – even services not covered within this book. This methodology will lay the foundation needed for addressing any cost-optimization task and provide a structured approach for each optimization effort.

Who should read this book?

We recommend that everyone involved in a cloud project read this book. This includes those undergoing their first cloud transformation project (“moving workloads to the cloud”) through early adopters in “born-to-the-cloud” companies.


Because cloud computing represents much more than new technology and tools. The costs of cloud computing are related to new pay-per-use pricing models, new consumption models, new operational methodologies, new tracking and reporting systems, and more. Traditional approaches to cost analysis and optimization simply do not apply to public cloud computing.

Table of contents:

  • The KAO™ Methodology
  • Compute Services
  • Storage Services
  • Networking Services
  • Application Layer
  • Operations
  • Summary: AWS Cost Optimization

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